Top 3 Reads is Moving to GolfHound +

Top 3 Reads is Moving to GolfHound +

Since its launch many moons ago, the growth and engagement of the Top 3 Golf Reads has been an absolute joy for me.  But like any other venture, there have also been a few unexpected hurrdles too.

At the top of that list is the cost of sending a newsletter to a growing audience and working with outside editors to ensure unique stories are being found each day.

That said, I've made the decision to introduce GolfHound+. The GH+ membership comes with a nominal fee of $10/year (not per month, per year).

Membership benefits include:

  1. Top 3 Golf Reads - The daily newsletter featuring 3 handpicked stories that you have come to love.
  2. Golf Trip Inspiration - postings that educate and inspire your next golf trip.
  3. GolfHound Originals - contributors and bloggers we love producing original stories available only to GH+ members.
  4. Improved reading experience - I'm super excited about the readability of our new platform (which you are on right now) and know you will too! Click here to see what today's Top 3 Reads issue looks like.  

Readers that choose not to activate will to transitioned to a summary email sent weekly.

Many thanks for your continued readership and I look forward finding you great stories in 2023!

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